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The "Notturni sulla Strada Romantica" to walk on the territory of Trezzo Tinella and Treiso

The Beppe Fenoglio Study Center and the Langa Tourism Association propose in the first week of August the initiative "Notturni sulla Strada Romantica", an event that enjoys the support of the "Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero" and the patronage of the "Ecomuseo of the Rocche del Roero "; the event follows a very similar format to what has already been proposed throughout the summer by the latter, the "Notturni nelle Rocche", with great public success.

The 2022 edition is dedicated to Beppe Fenoglio and is included in the calendar of events organized by the Beppe Fenoglio Study Center on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the writer from Alba.

These are two appointments - Wednesday 3 August in Trezzo Tinella and Friday 5 August in Treiso - which touch the panoramic stages of the "Romantic Road" that are most similar to the Fenoglian themes.

Participants are expected at 20:30 (departure at 20:45) and, equipped with a battery torch and comfortable shoes, they will walk a stretch of road through the streets of the village and among the evocative vineyards of the Langhe hills.

Trezzo Tinella, Wednesday 3 August, 8.30 pm

The meeting will be at the Donna di Langa equipped area, from where you will depart for a walk that winds through the green hills and some significant places for Fenoglio, such as the Pavaglione. During the walk, there will be a performance by Mauro Carrero "It's a new music" - sounds and inspirations

Treiso, Friday 5 August, 8.30 pm

The meeting will be in Piazza Baracco (near the Parish Church of Maria Vergine Assunta in Treiso), from where we will leave for the famous “Fortresses of the seven brothers”. The route is of medium difficulty and medium length. During the walk you will witness “Sei tutto il splendore” - romantic writings, readings by Monica Martinelli.

Participation in the walks is free. The evenings last 2.30 hours (walk + show). In case of bad weather the walk will be canceled or postponed. The route is signposted and obligatory and will be carried out in a semi-autonomous way: we decline all responsibility in case of damage or injury. Sportswear and footwear are recommended and remember to bring a flashlight.