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The Association

History and faces for an idea

In November 2002, the Mayors of 52 municipalities belonging to the Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo provinces decided to unite through this association. This zone of Piemonte is included in a strict regulation about both the Moscato d’Asti grape production and the wines obtained by this grape. This idea interprets the institutional and representative character of these many municipalities that, in synergy, put themselves alongside the already existent organizations in this specific sector, to objectively defend and support the territorial, historical, cultural and productive value.

Quoting the contents of the Statute of the Association, the purpose is “to perform activities of social solidarity to protect and promote the territory of Moscato production and processing, with special attention to the defence and valorization of nature, environment, art, culture, traditions and history that, through the years, have gone hand in handwith the development of the ancient Moscato vineyard cultivation and its products”.

During its ten-year long history, the Association faced important territorial matters defending legitimate positions even through legal procedures and created some promotional projects among which “Offer your guest a glass of Moscato d’Asti”, that involved the commercial activities of the entire area. The representative commitment to the ordinary and extraordinary events and to the research of talk to the public institutions is very strong. Since 2011, the Association sits permanently as an auditor at the table of the Joint Committee, together with all the main players of the Moscato sector, on which the economic progress of this sector depends every year.