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New trademark Sorì Eroici

The project

The study and creation of a new trademark is a crucial and exciting project, aimed at further enhancing the value of the product of those "heroic" vineyards that demand so much effort from the farmers; but it is even more exciting when the new brand is "acquired" by the companies and used on the bottles of our wines. And that is exactly what is happening: the registered trademark immediately met with favour not only among wine growers, but also among the representatives of the different sector categories in charge of receiving applications. It is a turning point, a major signal, a step that will make history and will be shared immediately by these first producers, to which many others are sure to follow. And this is the long-awaited moment, the project has come to fruition after an extensive amount of work, involving meetings and on-site inspections of vineyards, with a census covering almost 20,000 hectares. And the credit goes to the young administrators of the Commissione Sorì, which is part of the Associazione Comuni del Moscato, based in Santo Stefano Belbo.

The new trademark “Sorì eroici”

In order to be able to use the new "Sorì eroici" trademark, the owners of plots of land located on slopes in the Moscato area, although not exclusively limited to that as the use is also valid for other denominations of origin, will have to submit an application to the trade associations with which they usually cooperate; they will have to fill in a form through their offices and send it via PEC mail to Walden, which will be in charge of verifying that all necessary conditions are met, including on-site inspections, and then a copy will be sent to the Associazione Comuni del Moscato, which will eventually receive a database with all successful applications, as it is the entity responsible, also for supervision, of the project.

Each plot that proves to be eligible will then be registered, and will be given a unique identification code, which will mark all the stages of the vineyard, including the following part that will identify the product during wine cellar operations.  During the grape harvest, the producer will send a communication to the Associazione Comuni del Moscato, which will concern both the grape product and the wine product. On behalf of the Associazione, and for a specific number of operators, Valoritalia (which cooperates in the verification process) will ensure that the rules are complied with, though only during the cellar phase, with positive or negative results being communicated to the Associazione, which will take charge of the operators' expenses.

Plot criteria

The regulation sets out the guidelines for producers to use the trademark. For the Sorì definition, the location of the plot on the northern slope is to be excluded from the outset. All other slopes will be considered and, indicatively, plots with a slope of 40% or more are automatically included, while for smaller slopes, other conditions will be assessed, such as the impossibility of using mechanical equipment for tillage, and a so-called "weighted average" will also be applied in the case of single plots but with varying slopes. It is also crucial for companies to comply with Environmental Certification protocols, i.e. to have environmental certifications such as organic, biodynamic, SQNPI protocol, The Green Experience and other sustainability protocols certified by accredited bodies, or alternatively to comply with the agri-environmental actions of Regione Piemonte ("Certificazione Agricoltura Integrata").

The costs

The costs refer to the work carried out by Walden's technicians, who were in charge of the mapping and who will now carry out the onsite checks, providing great precision in the measurement and definition of the vineyard that will become a "Sorì".  Other costs will be borne by the Associazione Comuni del Moscato, which will in any case try to secure contributions for the producers who will join, seeking to further reduce their expenses.

Participation in the "Sorì" project has a cost of 110 euros excluding VAT per hectare up to 4 hectares; beyond 4 hectares, the cost drops to 90 euros per hectare, although there is always a minimum fee of 230 euros per hectare excluding VAT for each company. The physical, ground location of the vineyard is a non-compulsory decision left to the single company, and costs 20 euro per plot.

The cost is set and agreed even if on the first inspection the plot does not meet the requirements and fails to continue with the membership process, because the verification work by the technicians needs to be covered in any case.

The 4 hectares are cumulative, i.e. plots that are non-contiguous within the company's property can be included, and may relate to different productions.

The logo

In the final definition of the process, the Associazione, having received all the necessary elements, sends the company the graphic manual for the use of the new "Sorì Eroici" trademark, as well as the logo that can be put on the label, on the back label or on the bottle capsule, or alternatively, use a stamp, whose sizes are to be decided.

As far as the colours of the logo are concerned, there will be a basic version comprising three shades, one for each different element featured in the graphics (the sun, the vineyard, the lettering); alternatively, other colours may be chosen, but it must be a single colour for all the elements. The regulations for use will in any case be a very helpful tool for companies to follow every single step of the process, and above all to comply with all the rules related to the trademark.