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The "gran polentone" of Bubbio

The legend tells of a group of poor men coppersmiths reached Bubbio, helped by the castellano that gave them some flour of maize. The coppersmiths cooked in square an enormous “polenta” that was consumed along with all the villagers hungry hungry for long famine. This legend is commemorated every year with fidelity. This year will happen on 11 and 12 April for the ninety-sixth time. Sunday will come out from the castle the Lords with the Courtiers, the Armigeris and the Drummers; the flour sacks are loaded by the millers on a wagon surrounded by coppersmiths and by the rejoicing people; the procession unthreads for the streets of the suburb and reaches the square where the “polenta” is cooked into an enormous copper pot accompanied by sausage and juice of mushrooms with an inviting omelet of onions. The night before, on April 11, the Evening in the old town will revive the atmosphere and flavors of ancient times.

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