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Canelli Città del Vino 2023

The “Canelli Cità del Vino” event will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September and will be based on tastings of typical local products and products from Italian and foreign regions that will join the initiative. Culture, tourism, music and folklore are the fundamental elements that characterize the event, culminating in a series of activities aimed at promoting the territory and typical products.

In the city center there is a market of regional excellences of the area where artisans and producers will be able to make their peculiarities known. Artistic initiatives, painting exhibitions, photographic exhibitions, sporting activities and fun activities for the little ones.

Conferences, meetings with cultural personalities from Italian regions and foreign nations, cultural activities aimed at celebrating the recognition of the Canelli site in "The Vineyard Landscapes of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato" as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its historical and landscape context linked to the cultivation of the vine, a framework which has its fulcrum in the Historic Cellars of Canelli - Underground Cathedrals

Here is the programm


- 10.30 am: Presentation of the book "THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO CARRIED OUT THE CANELLI ENTERPRISE" BY FULVIO LAVINA AND GIUSEPPE BILLELLA - volume that traces the history of Canella winemaking, starting with Masino Culasso and the people who made it possible this industrial miracle up to the present day. Bosca Cellars


- 4.00 pm: inauguration of the exhibition "Memories of love of the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti") where photographs, letters written by Ungaretti to Bruna, very rare books which also contain handwritten texts by Ungaretti with thoughts and dedications will be exhibited. Display room of Villa Ungà, via Villanuova 87

- 4.30pm EXTREME BUBBLES Masterclass - From Etna to Mont Blanc, a journey through sparkling wines with a peculiar uniqueness. Regional Enoteca of Canelli and Astasana, Via G.B. Giuliani n. 29

- 5.00 pm: opening of food and wine stands and tastings

- 6.00 pm: Official presentation of the project “Bruna brings UNGARETTI UNEDITO TO CANELLI” and preview screening of the feature film “Ho swallowed Ungà”. Directed by Riccardo Banfi, with Bruna Bianco, Roberto Herlitzka, Letizia Bosi, Anna Maria Bianco Giannetti. Church of San Leonardo, Piazza San Leonardo.

- 6.30 pm: Inauguration of the exhibition “FRANCESCO TABUSSO – selected pages” organized by the Municipality of Canelli in collaboration with Adriano and Rosalba Benzi. Salone Riccadonna, Corso Libertà n. 25

  - midnight: closing of food and wine stands and tastings



- From 9.00 am: market of typical local products. Piazza Cavour

- 10.00 am: Inauguration of the work “Ungà” created by the artist Giancarlo Ferraris. Via degli Innamorati, Via Villanuova 87

- From 10.00 am: Traveling concert by the City of Canelli musical band.

- 11am: MOSCATO Masterclass: MEDITERRANEAN AROMA - A single aroma, a large family, different uses, customs and traditions. Regional Enoteca of Canelli and Astasana, Via G.B. Giuliani n. 29

- 11.00 am: opening of food and wine stands and tastings

- 4.00 pm: Donation of a painting by Enrica Maravalle to the City of Canelli entitled "The window on Canelli". G. Monticone Civic Library, Via G.B. Giuliani n. 29

- 4.00 pm: Dance performance by the Universal Dance School. Aosta Square

- 4.30 pm Masterclass A PRISM IN THE CENTER: THE MARCHE - From great whites to surprising reds, from the sea to the mountains: a kaleidoscope of treasures in the heart of Italy. Regional Enoteca of Canelli and Astasana, Via G.B. Giuliani n. 29

- 5.00 pm: “What two…bubbles”. Soap bubble show with Sogni di Sapone. Piazza Cavour

- 5.30 pm: Presentation of the book “Operazione Matrioska” by Debora Bocchiardo. Organized on the merits of the “Women in art 2023” exhibition. Hall of the Stars, Via Roma 37

- 8.00 pm: “Night of bubbles”. Fluorescent soap bubble show with Sogni di Sapone. Piazza Cavour

- 10.00 pm: closing of food and wine stands