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Even if Asti Spumante has stood the test of time and sold millions of bottles, the most significant wine of these hills remains the Moscato d’Asti tappo raso, which keeps a firm and tight connection to the territory and its agricultural history. We shouldn’t forget however the passito, the grappa and the other products deriving from the moscato production and which have become ingredients for the traditional gastronomy as well.


The Charmat method opened an era. This wine has always absorbed the greatest part of the Moscato Bianco production of our hills. For more than 150 years historical brands have been collecting the grapes in this territory for a production that today numbers about 70 million bottles per year. This wine is exported all over the world and even if it is much more connected to celebrations, it can be perfectly enjoyed in combination with food.

Moscato d'Asti

Peasant families tried to confine and preserve it, hoping to keep some bottles undamaged for special celebrations. It is the wine of these lands and its production has exceeded the threshold of 25 million bottles. Small wineries became well equipped and grew in number in order to produce and distribute it, with hundreds of labels, to international markets and to lovers who come to this territory to enjoy the wonderful vineyard landscapes. Usually drunk with desserts, but it is extremely versatile and can be drunk on its own.

Moscato passito

Unlike other Italian regions, moscato passito in Piemonte has a more recent history. In the last few decades the production grown substantially, but it still doesn’t exceed one hundred thousand liters, and it is always bottled in small bottles. The wine expresses the great quality that comes from this land: the grapes, dried in the vineyards or on the racks, concentrate all their wonderful characteristics. Perfect with cheese or a good book.

Despite the decrease of the sector, in this area there are still about ten distilleries working at full capacity. The grappa produced from the Moscato skins is pleasant and achieves a peculiar softness if aged in wood. The local production is approximately two hundred thousand bottles, but much more is processed elsewhere. It is a concentrated distillate that reflects the typical flavor of the original vine. Recommended on its own or with fine dark chocolate.

Moscato vinegar

This is a niche product of the small traditional family economy. It has a great flavour that is now highly sought after. It ages in good quality wood (oak, mulberry or cherry tree), and thus expresses the delicate character and scents of the original grapes. It is best paired in modern cuisine with, among others, fruits and vegetables.

Succhi, Mostarde and Cognà

There are many local recipes that obtain the best from the local ingredients. This is how historical recipes were born, and the moscato grape is used to produce the sweetest sauces and wonderful jams.