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The “Fiera dei Cubiot” in Santo Stefano Belbo

The appointment with the traditional “Fiera dei Cubiot” of Santo Stefano Belbo is renewed. The event will take place throughout the day of Sunday 3 December. Throughout the day, the historic fair will take you to the streets and squares of our town halls, a typical market, ancient flavors, exhibitions of agricultural machines, wine and gourmet stalls, caldarroste and vin brulè. From 12 o'clock the Pro Loco of Santo Stefano Belbo will distribute ribs and chickpeas. In addition, among the benches and the streets you will be able to cheer up with the charming figure of Bacialé, the character of the Langa’s tradition that  used to do with coats due to his loving mediator skills among young people in the area. <For our administration, attention to our traditions has always been a priority - says Mayor Luigi Genesio Icardi. The identity of a territory is always to be sought in the history of that particular area but above all in the history that is made by people. Country festivals, celebrations, mythical figures such as Bacialé and folklore are generally the identity card of every small community. To preserve and re-propagate these traditions means something that marks us deeply but above all, in an era of great individualisms, to try to stimulate that aggregation and that sense of belonging that, once very strong, felt and shared, today is more and more faded>. The "Fiera dei Cubiot" is the resumption of an ancient traditional fair, which took place in early December, and more precisely on the 6th.